CSA maintained over time and poses an aspiration that gives meaning to the company and its organizational model. Both the current reality and, above all, in the future. We guide our actions towards this end and having set goals that’ in long term is our North.

We collected our Mission, our Corporate Vision our Strengths, our general policy. And over time we have collected from organizations known awards that make us feel proud of our Group Excellence.

  • Innovation Awards Program - Ford Motor Company - Most innovative use of plastics - 2012 Finalist - Chassis / Hardware - Window Regulator Drum & Motor - 2012MY Ford Mondeo - CASTELLON AUTOMOTIVE GROUP.
  • JLRQ award- 2011
  • ISO 14001 - Management Certificate - 2011
  • ISO TS16949 - Environment - 2010
  • Salón del Automóvil - Technology Innovation Award - 2002
  • Salón del Automóvil - Technology Innovation Award - 2001

4 High Engineering Company experienced working with us and they are:

CSA Engineering and aided by an international network of engineering and engineers sub residents
Simultaneous engineering with our partners in India, Japan and China
Cooperation with National and Local Governments, Testing, Research and Development Centers, and famous Universities and Industrial Technical Schools as such: