CSA Heritage of 80 years plus provides a series of CARRY OVER parts from a large catalogue which potentially diminishes the tooling Cost Investment for Customers as well as development & launching time reduction.

RESIDENT ENGINEERING at Customer Design offices for Development time reduction and communication enhancement .

World wide engineering development with SIMULTANEOUS ENGINEERING with engineering centers in India , China, USA, Australia and Europe.

CSA understands Customer NEEDS, SPECIFICATIONS, TERMINOLOGY & LANGUAGES. We are present in more than 20 first automotive brands. CSA supplies 21 countries and 64 production plants all over the World.

CSA OWNS a large EXPERTISE content of Norms, SPECIFICATIONS & Technical Rules from the most prestige Automotive OEM’s coming from the large range of Brands we use to work with. This ability provides CSA a competitive advantage in front of most of our Competitors.

Most RAPID PROTOTYPING for functional parts in less than 48 hours for design validation.

CSA keeps GLOBAL ALIANCES with Minda, KYB, Hsing Chong, Air International, Yubei.

Manufacturing FACILITIES all over the world Globally based