KYB: J/V to design, manufacture & sale Electronic Power Steering Systems. We are developing together an Steering System which will be the World Bench Mark for these kind of parts in 2 years. KYB is the World’s Leader in Shock Absorbers as well as Rack Pinion Power Assisted together with Steering Pumps.

YUBEI: J/V in preparation, manufacture & sale Steering Systems & Steering Shafts for the Chinese Market. Yubei is the leader in Rack Pinion in the Chinese market with high reputation within OEMs there.

MINDA:Alliance to eventually become J/V to design, manufacture & sale Window Regulators i.e. countries as India, Indonesia and Uzbekistan. MINDA is one of the largest Automotive part manufacturers in India, well situated at West Asia and East Asia. Which has a huge growth potential and high prestige within OEM’s even out of India. There are manufacturing lockers with VALEO in India, own electronics, own interior plastics and assemblies

HSIN CHONG MACHINERY: Alliance to manufacture & sale Window Regulators and Control Cables for the Asia-Pacific Market. Hsin Chong Machinery is the leader in WR in that market.

FUTURIS AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS: Alliance to manufacture Steering Systems, Window Regulators & Control Cables for the Asia-Pacific Region . FUTURIS is a leading suppliers of steering columns and I-shafts a has facilities established in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.