The Innovation in steering columns, window regulators, push & pull cables goes to:

Thinking about the market as a single market for a long term we are helping to our OEMs.

Sharing ideas and listening what our clients wants with our know how we can make savings into the cost of our components.

Being up to date with the needs from our OEMs we are more flexible and we can get few days of development. If we are concerned about our product and we are always concerned with this philosophy we align ourselves with 0 ppms, obtaining perfection in our products.

We Strengthen be ambitious and means we are much more focused receiving the helping of our strengths. The organization is our best weapon to have the uppermost Traceability. The persistence of this axiom requires that the collective of the company to be always in alert and focused.

Centers such as design and testing automotive circuits, the global technical universities specializing in our industry, associations of automotive technicians and their annual conferences, the media make the opening and sharing ideas to flow positive for the evolution of the company.

The concentration in a few points, it is better to avoid the dispersion. Nobody can innovate all!!. In summary these axioms are TOP BEST IN CLASS in all of our components. If you participate in these ideas if in your head you have something to show us or you can bring to us, please send your ideas and capacity to: for steering columns and electronics. for window regulators and electronics, and Push & Pull cables and electronics.