Innovation doesn’t mean to do things differently, it is to create solutions that are relevant and useful to consumers, and scalable and meaningful to our customers. The cornerstone to our innovation team is the constant search of the most effective and the most efficient solutions. Not in vain we are among the companies with most patents in our Spain. We strive to have a production that meet the highest standards in:

Process efficiency
A more efficient process means more competitive cost to offer our customers that they can pass on to the end consumer
Energy efficiency
The reduction of energy consumption both in our products and production improves the carbon footprint, lessens costs and means more mileage per gallon in your car.
Comfort efficiency
Although some of our products are not directly seen by the end consumer, they are always thought with ergonomics in mind. We do everything to help you have a pleasurable ride.
An obsession of us is the creation of products of lighter weight. By reducing components and using most advanced materials we are reducing waste and providing better performance to your car
All of above wouldn't mean anything if we don’t protect the things we love. And we love the people that buy and use our products.
Always looking for improvements that deliver a longer lasting flawless performance in all of our products